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SCI Awareness 5K Run Walk & Roll by Women on Wheels

Women On Wheels is a spinal cord injury peer and advocacy support group sponsored by The Alan T. Brown organization, Mount Sinai and NYCSCIA. With their support we have spent the past year developing the first SCI women’s group in New York City. Being that women only make up approximately 20% of the overall SCI population, we are a minority within a minority in our society. Because of this, women with SCI often have unique concerns and experiences related to their dis/Ability, but rarely have the opportunity to comfortably share these issues among a room full of men with SCI voicing their own “personal or intimate” concerns. Through this group, we provide women with spinal cord injuries a space where our knowledge can be shared across age ranges, injury levels, and years of experience. We seek to empower, educate and support one another.

On May 30th, Women On Wheels took part in the 2nd Annual Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness 5K Run Walk & Roll in order to raise funds for our sponsors and aid in their efforts of helping people with spinal cord injuries maximize their independence and quality of life. With the help of the many generous donations from our supporters, family members and friends, Women On Wheels was able to raise over $3000 for the cause more than doubling our goal of $1500. Plus, as you can see, we had a fantastic time the day of the race!

And lots more great shots from the event can be found here:

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