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Preparing W.O.W for a Fire Emergency by Selvije Mulaj

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, Women on Wheels welcomed Lieutenant Anthony Mancuso, Director of the FDNY Fire Safety Educational Program. LT. Mancuso spoke about preventative measures to take in the home such as, not overloading outlets, not wearing loose-fitting clothes while cooking, using baking soda if a pan is on fire, and having smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in working order. He also encouraged the women of W.O.W. to pay attention to the kind of building we live in (fireproof vs. non-fireproof buildings) as this greatly impacts our safety plan. We also shared our ow safety plans and W.O.W group members, Steph Brantley, explained that when she moved to a new apartment, she let her fire department know her name and address, so they could be aware should there be a fire in her building. This was a great trip for anyone who has a disability.

~Written by Selvije Mulaj

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