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Cooking with Gabby by Gabrielle Broder

In October, Women on Wheels (W.O.W.) participated in our group’s first-ever cooking class held on KCC-2, the inpatient SCI unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. The workshop was led by WOW member, Gabrielle Broder, who is herself struggling to find ways to continue enjoying her passion of cooking after having sustained a spinal cord injury at the C5 level almost 2 years ago.

We are women of different ages, physical abilities, and of differing experiences with cooking, but we all came together as a team and made a yummy, homemade Mexican-themed meal. Adaptive cooking devices such as special cutting boards and knives were available for those with limited hand function. Everyone played an important part, from the several members who said they had never cooked before to the one who said she cooks for her family every day to the professional chef.

The dish had numerous components, and everyone was responsible for a large section of the recipe. The menu centered around chicken quesadillas. Everything was made from scratch, from the spice blend for the grilled chicken to the roasted tomato salsa to the guacamole. We even made agua de jamaica, a popular Mexican beverage made from hibiscus flowers, ginger, and lime.

“The cooking demonstration that we all participated in was an awesome experience. I personally do not like to cook, but doing it with my fellow W.O.W members made it fun. I look forward to our next recipe.

Thanks Gabby, you Rock.” ~Tina J.

Our thanks goes out to the financial supporters of WOW, as well as to the staff, volunteers, and home attendants who lent a hand (and just to be clear, we didn't allow them to do the actual COOKING, but they did help a lot with organizing equipment, and cleanup)> A great time was had by all and we enjoyed the shared activity as well as the delicious meal!

~Written by Gabrielle Broder

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